Hagstrom Guitars

Learning how to play guitars is not easy as it looks like. It takes a lot of patience, determination and good equipment like the Hagstrom Guitars, a top rated guitars you can get at a very affordable prices.

Hagstrom guitars offers great and absolutely amazing features that comes with different color and styles that would suits your liking.

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Safe Flight Mama Irish!

Have a safe flight my dear sister and niece. I hate to see you both go and be away from us but I understand you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do. We will be missing you both.
DSC04695Life is very unpredictable and we can’t always have everything we want. I wish you good-luck to your new endeavor and may you find whatever your heart desire. Always know we are always here for you no matter what. Love you sisteret!

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One of the best portable software license solution you can get is the new ilok called iLok2, which can hold up over 500 software licenses. It is smaller compare to the original iLok but it is sure much stronger with it’s solid body and has a much higher capacity with a very fashionable sleek black design.

For guaranteed lowest price, check out the link above and enjoy the absolutely affordable great deals !

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With Lolo @ DFW

After months of visa processing, finally our Dad is here in Texas. All his grand-daughters are so excited and happy to finally meet their lolo in person.


DSC04377Here’s Lolo with Baby Arielle…

DSC04380We are heading to the Car to go home!

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Looking For New Health Insurance Company.

After having our second baby this year, our hospital bills are just way too high despite of the health insurance we’ve got. The out of pocket are just unbelievably raging high, way too high.

That’s why shopping or having the chance to looked for health insurance rates in nc would be a good start now that It’s almost the end of the year where a lot of individual/company starts renewing policy’s.

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Welcome to USA

Everybody in the family is so excited to see my father especially my sweet daughter Abigail who is now 5 years old yet haven’t meet her grand-daddy personally. Seeing each other in webcam isn’t enough for at all. Now is the chance we have been waiting for. My dad feels the same way. He has 3 grand daughter whom he haven’t seen yet so having this lifetime chance is just pretty awesome!

Welcome to USA Papa!

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